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ABZ Innovation L10 ESP

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Maximize your harvests with the cutting-edge Agricultural Drone. Specifically designed for the Spanish market, this Spraying Drone has a Maximum Takeoff Weight of 24.9kg and includes everything needed for efficient and safe operation.

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12 100,00 € tax incl.

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The ABZ Innovation L10ESP is much more than just an agricultural drone; it's your technological ally to optimize the productivity of your crops. Equipped with the latest innovation and specifically designed for the demands of the Spanish agricultural sector, this class-leading drone is the essential tool that every modern farmer needs.

Highlighted Features:

- Exclusive CDA Spraying System

- CE Certification

- RTK L10 System as standard

- Lidar L10 System as standard

- Lightweight version specially designed for Spain

- Maximum tank capacity of 6 liters

- Maximum takeoff weight: 24.9 kg

Combining the advantages of previous models and the experience gained during our presence and operation in the Drone industry, we have now created our own drone.

The ABZ Innovation L10 ESP offers user-friendly drone technology with continuous support and service.

The spraying performance is 7ha/hour, and furthermore, this drone features:

  • Adjustable droplet size

  • Maximum flow rate: 4.8 l/min

  • Adjustable working width

L10 ESP Specifications:

- Total Weight (without batteries):13,8kg
- Maximum Take Off weight: 24,9kg
- Dimensions:1460 x 1010 x 610 mm.
- Flight Time:Aprox. 13 minutes
- GPS:GPS, Glonass, Galileo.
- Hovering precision:+/- 10cm (RTK) +/- 2m (Sin RTK))
- Rotor dimensions: 30 x 9
- Motor dimensions: 81 x 20 mm.
- Motor KV:100 KV
- Batery capacity:16.000 mah
- Batery Voltage: 44,4V
- Batery weight:4,2kg
- Max. spray tank allowance:6 litros
- IMUredundant (triple)


- Per Hectare permormance:7 ha/h
- Spraying system:CDA
- Number of nozzles:2
- Droplet size:40 - 1000 µm
- Adjustable droplet size:YES
- Drift:LOW risk
- Adjustable working width:1,5 - 6m
- Spot spraying:YES
- Pump type:Membrane
- Maximum flow:5L/min
- Pump operating voltage: 48V

Ejecution of work:

Technology developed far European Agricultura! conditions:YES
- IP protection:IP54
- Easy transportability:YES
- Modular payload attachability:SI
- Obstacle avoidance:RTK based
- FPV Camera:Forward and downward
- Battery charging time:aprox. 11 minutes
- Effective signal range of RC:aprox. 8km
- Altitude measurement:Lidar

Flight planning

- Software Source code:OPEN
- light plan creation on a PC:YES
- Handling of SHP and KML files:SHP and KML
- Software compatibility:YES
- Downward facing camera for obstacle selection:YES
- Data security:YES
- No data transmission to remote servers:YES

Frecuency Bands

- GNSS receiver: 1.58GHz
- Radio Control and Telemetry:2.4GHz


- Max. pitch angle:30º
- Max. operating flight speed:7 m/s
- Max. level speed:24 m/s
- Max. flight altitude:120m
- Max. tolerable wind speed:10 m/s

Power transmission:

- 16000mAh Battery

- FOC system

- IPX7 rated brushless motors

Upgraded Software Features

- Tank depletion offers three functions: RTL/RTH, Loiter/Hover, and Continue.
- Import SHP files with obstacle detection.
- Manual control with relative altitude hold option.
- Resizable and hideable camera feed.
- Industry-leading stability and speed in manual flight.
- Integrated spray plans for various applications like vineyards and wheat, etc.


The Multiband antenna connects to twice as many satellites for more reliable, more accurate GNSS-based positioning – even in difficult terrain.


- Plug & Play option for any EMLID RTK base station via LoRa antenna: once the base is located, no internet connection or RTK provider is required.

- Thanks to the direct connection between the base and drone, the pilot and the drone can move freely within an 8km radius.

- Using the LoRa antenna, RTK correction data is reliably and stably delivered to the drone, even in difficult terrain – or in case the remote control’s signal is lost.

The ABZ Innovation L10 operates using single-band positioning, while the ABZ Innovation L10 PRO is equipped with a multiband antenna. The L10 PRO can also be equipped with an EMLID RTK base station to achieve absolute and relative precision at the centimeter level.

  • Production based in Hungary

  • Stable supply of spare parts

  • Telephone support in Spanish

  • Service centers based in Hungary and Spain, operated by us, FuturDrone, with over 16 years of experience at your service.

Low-cost operation

90% of the operating costs come from battery depreciation. Therefore, we have done everything possible to extend the battery life as much as possible.


Thanks to its foldable metal chassis, the L10 ESP is very easy to transport in almost any vehicle.

Trichogramma Release System (Optional)

The precise and effective Trichogramma (or parasitic wasp) dispersal system uses one of the most widely used biological control methods.

Its 8-liter tank can hold up to 800-1200 pellets, depending on the pellet size. This allows for treating up to 8-12 hectares in a single takeoff, equating to an hourly performance of up to 36 hectares.

This versatile dispensing system is only available for the L10 ESP, L10 PRO, and M12 models, allowing them to be easily converted into sprayers or Trichogramma spreaders in a matter of minutes. The standard L10 model is not equipped to receive the dispensing system.

Benefits of the L10 ESP

Stability and securityCE Certification
High efficiencyUnique dispersion system
Sustainable technologyEasy to use
Cost-effective operationEasy transport and portability
Water-efficient operationContinuous operation
Wide range of applicationsContinuous service and support


  • ABZ Innovation L10 ESP Drone

  • ABZ Innovation transmitter with video screen and configuration

  • Batteries and charger are not included, but can be found under "Accessories" below this page.

To operate the L10 ESP continuously, it is recommended to add 4 batteries, so you can charge two and let one cool down before charging while flying the drone.

Letting the batteries cool down before charging prolongs their lifespan.


When purchasing your drone from FuturDrone, we can advise and assist you with all the legal requirements for its operation, including the Phytosanitary Product Applicator Pilot Course. (Contact us for more information).

The L10 ESP, being a drone with a maximum weight under 25kg, does not require some of the complications associated with higher-capacity drones, resulting in significant cost savings and allowing you to start operating it immediately, without delays.

For any questions or more information, as well as to get a quote for this Drone, you can contact us by email at info@futurhobby.com, or by phone/WhatsApp at 646 489 771.